• Centers of Excellence

The Baylor Scott & White brand is attracting and retaining exceptional clinical and operational talent. These individuals are building upon years of dedication to advancing medicine and the success of our many centers of clinical excellence. Through the hard work of skilled professionals, Baylor Scott & White is changing the way health care is provided in our communities and our country—while never taking the focus off the patient.

The heart transplant program at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas is one of these centers of excellence making history. In less than two years, this team completed nearly 200 heart transplants, making it the second largest program in the U.S. by volume. Not only is it one of the largest heart transplant programs, but patient outcomes are also some of the best in the nation and it’s wait list time is down to a median of only seven days. Learn more about the beginnings of the Simmons Transplant Institute in [Part 3] A Legacy in Organ Transplant.

Becoming dual listed by joining more than one transplant center may decrease a patient’s wait time for a matching organ. Here’s more on how to become dual listed.

For more information or to self-refer to the heart transplant program at Baylor Dallas, please call 214-820-6856.