As Baylor Scott & White Health expands and develops into one of the best-known and well-respected hospital systems in the nation, we never lose sight of our responsibility to the communities we’ve served for more than 100 years. We remain committed to assessing local needs and providing support where it makes the biggest impact. And our commitment to service will only continue to grow as we grow.

In 2012 and 2013, our North and Central divisions invested $861 million back into the community through programs enhancing community health and education and advancing medical education and research. Baylor Scott & White also extends this care around the world through its Faith in Action Initiatives, a program designed to support communities internationally that experience disaster, health epidemics, lack of medical services and basic deprivations of poverty.

However, Baylor Scott & White’s Christian ministry of healing is about more than supporting community-based initiatives. It’s about the compassionate care patients find in our caregivers, which gives them hope. Baylor Scott & White is committed to offering people of all faiths a spiritual healing. Whether receiving a routine exam or recovering from a serious illness in the intensive care unit, the pastoral care teams through our facilities are available to serve patients and their families through every situation. It is this compassion and the evidence of a deeper purpose in Baylor Scott & White clinicians that encourages patients through some of their most difficult times.

Learn more about Faith in Action Initiatives and the courageous clinicians who travel on abroad to serve on a Fred Roach Mission Scholarship.