• Innovations

Baylor Scott & White Health is a stronger organization today with the innovative discoveries happening in its research centers and labs. More than 2,000 ongoing and active clinical studies are offered across the system and our capacity to find new therapies is growing as our North and Central divisions work together. A head and neck cancer vaccine discovered by Gerard Zurawski, PhD, principal investigator and co-director at the Baylor Institute for Immunology Research, and being developed in Temple is an example of our collaboration to advance medicine and to improve the lives of patients around the world. This cancer vaccine works to boost the body’s immunity against cancer that is not recognized by the immune system so the body can fight off the cancer cells. Through exploration like this one in immunotherapy, Baylor researchers are providing safe and effective treatments to patients in need. Safety and quality are continuous areas of analysis and improvement at Baylor Scott & White. See how we involve staff at all levels in our quality initiatives in [Part 10] Best Practices for Safe, Quality, Compassionate.

To find out more about research happening at Baylor Scott & White or to enroll in a clinical trial, visit our research sites in North Texas or Central Texas.