• Best Practices

Baylor Scott & White Health will become a national leader in health care because of its commitment to improving quality, evidence-based care through uncovering and sharing best practices as well as promoting excellence among its clinical staff.

LEAN process improvement is an important practice for each of our hospitals and one that teams use often to evaluate their level of care, safety, and effectiveness. Building upon a culture of continuous improvement, Baylor Scott & White is not only providing better care and increasing patient satisfaction, but helping employees find meaning in their day-to-day tasks by bringing everyone together on a common goal. Throughout the patient experience, the entire care team—from the physicians to the nurses and medical assistants—are vital to the successful implementation of best practices.

Our legacy organizations have been known for providing quality care for more than a century, but we’re not here to just improve the quality of our own system. Through Baylor Scott & White’s STEEEP Global Institute, our organization collaborates with other providers across the health care industry to identify and solve problems to improve health care delivery on a national and international level. In striving to achieve our vision to be one of “top 3” health systems in the nation, it is also our goal to improve the health of entire populations by providing true health care for the communities we serve and communities across the country. Our commitment to quality will be vital to being a leader in the new landscape of health care described in [Part 1] A New Day in Health Care.